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Serving businesses, households, and housing companies in the capital region

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Helsingin Vesijohtoliike Oy
040 359 4953
Nuijamiestentie 5C, 00400 Helsinki

Helsingin Vesijohtoliike Oy

HVAC works of high quality in all locations – Helsinki and Uusimaa

Helsingin Vesijohtoliike Oy is an HVAC company established in 2012, with Jarmo Lohikari as its CEO and entrepreneur.

Our staff is trained and consists of experienced professionals with a strong work ethic, who also possess excellent customer service skills. High-quality work and good cooperation with the customer are particularly important to us.

We serve businesses, households, and housing companies in the capital region. We professionally perform various plumbing and sewer works from pipe installations to floor heating. We specialize in working in renovation and refurbishment sites, but we also do HVAC works professionally in new locations.

We also offer consulting as well as KVV and IV monitoring.

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We also serve in the archipelago

We have strong expertise in plumbing and pipe works for boats and larger vessels. We are happy to go to the archipelago as well.

Whether you are a renovator, builder, or need help with boat pipes – contact us, we'll help »

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Comprehensive HVAC services for housing companies in the capital region

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HVAC services for businesses and construction companies

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We also provide HVAC works in the archipelago

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